audience attention by defining your brand's goals, crafting a strategic approach that seamlessly blends creativity with data-driven insights, propelling your brand to new heights.



visitors into loyal customers with design that not only echoes your brands unique voice, but also optimizes user experience for higher engagement and sales.



deeper connections through email marketing campaigns, featuring custom designs and targeted messages that resonate personally with your audience, enhancing customer loyalty.



your game with an Alleyoop. Our team executes winning strategies, setting you up for what truly matters - growing your brand.


How it works


Set the stage for seamless growth. Pick your plan and leave the complexity of calls and meetings behind. Place your task requests into Asana where our system stands ready to translate your needs into action with zero friction, fueling your store's growth while you steer your business forward.


Your tasks transition smoothly into our automated systems. As you focus on your business's future, our automated workflow serves as the reliable engine beneath, powered by team full of talent. It's a fluid movement from your vision to our execution, ensuring constant progress with no interruptions.


Initiate your play with confidence. When you input a request, it's an immediate alleyoop to our team. Our automated system is your assist, setting up the perfect score every time, whether it's a new campaign launch or a technical backend fix.


And we're on it—no hesitation, no hold-ups. Your Asana requests are met with our team's prompt and precise action, turning tasks into triumphs. Each move is calculated, each execution is spot-on. You set the pace, we keep the rhythm.


With our service, scaling isn't just an outcome; it's part of the process. Our subscriptions adapt as you grow, from task to task, sprint to sprint. Your expanding ambitions are matched by our unwavering support, propelling you onward and upward.


Alleyoop is your silent partner in growth, your attention remains undivided on what truly matters—your core business. We keep the gears turning smoothly, providing insights and support that empower you to lead your business to new heights.

What we do best.

We provide tailored services for Shopify brands to succeed in the digital landscape.

SHOpify design SUPPORT
STRATEGY & Industry specific forecasting
Conversion Rate Optimization
DATA analysis & reporting


Our subscription service offers you a dedicated, multi-disciplinary Shopify team at the cost of hiring just one in-house manager.


Get in the game, and you’ll see there’s no going back. No contracts, no headaches, just a simple subscription.


Strategy springs from partnership. Your brand's ambitions are the playbook we use to drive the plays that matter.


We take your tasks from to-do to done with a focus on quality and quick turnaround, keeping your brand's growth in the fast lane.

$ 2,500

Perfect for brands just starting with Shopify.

  1. Theme Customization: 10 Hours
  2. Product Listings & Catalog Management (up to 50 per month)
  3. Email Marketing: 5 Custom Campaigns
  4. SMS Marketing: 4 Per Month
  5. Backend Technical Support: 5 Hours
  6. Pause or cancel anytime.
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$ 5,500

Ideal for established brands wanting to scale-up.

  1. Custom Design & Development: 15 Hours
  2. Product Listings & Catalog Management (Up to 200 per month)
  3. Email Marketing: 10 Custom Campaigns
  4. SMS Marketing: 10 Per Month
  5. Email & Website Copywriting
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization
  7. Strategy & Forecasting
  8. Slack Access
  9. Monthly Data Analysis & Reporting
  10. Backend Technical Support: 12 Hours
  11. Pause or cancel anytime.
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$ 7,500

Best for high performing brands looking to supercharge their growth.

  1. Full Service Design & Development
  2. Full Service Catalog Management
  3. Full Service Email & SMS Marketing
  4. Email Segmentation & A/B Testing
  5. Product, Blog, Email, Website Copywriting
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization & Retention
  7. Strategy & Forecasting
  8. B2B & Wholesale Integration & Support
  9. Sales Channel Expansion
  10. Bi-Monthly Data Analysis & Reporting
  11. Full Service Backend Technical Support
  12. Dedicated Project Manager
  13. Pause or cancel anytime
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Custom Shopify Store

For brands seeking a more exclusive tailored fit experience.

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Custom Klaviyo Automations

For brands seeking 100% custom made high converting flows.

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Have questions?

How do I request a task or service?

You can request a task or service through our client portal. After signing up for a subscription, you'll receive access to a dashboard where you can submit and manage your requests.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies by task complexity and your subscription tier. Simple tasks typically have a turnaround time of 24 hours, whereas more complex tasks will be scoped out with an estimated delivery time.

How will you share the work?

Completed work will be shared through our Asana client portal. For design tasks, we'll provide a preview link or files directly. For store management tasks, changes will be made live on your store or staged for your review and ready for approval.

How can I communicate feedback/revisions?

You can submit feedback and request revisions directly through the client portal. Our team is committed to your satisfaction and will handle revisions promptly.

When does my month start? Can I pause?

Your subscription month starts from the date you sign up and renews monthly on that date. Yes, you can pause your subscription if you need to take a break, simply sign into your subscription account and pause.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Absolutely! You can adjust your membership tier at any time by logging into your Stripe account.

How much time am I actually getting for my money?

The time allocated depends on your chosen subscription tier. Each tier specifies the number of hours dedicated to tasks like theme customization, design, and technical support. For detailed information, refer to the description of each tier on our pricing page.

Why wouldn't I just hire an in-house ecommerce manager?

An in-house manager specializes in a narrow set of skills, whereas our subscription service provides you with a diverse team of experts across all areas of e-commerce. This not only includes store management but also extends to design, development, marketing, and strategy, all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. Plus, our flexible plans mean you can scale your team up or down as needed without the commitment of long-term contracts.

Are there any refunds if I am not satisfied?

Our commitment to excellence means we stand by the quality of our work. Due to the time invested in each project, we are unable to offer refunds. However, we prioritize your satisfaction and are dedicated to working with you to make sure your e-commerce needs are met to the highest standard.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

Our subscription plans are designed to accommodate a robust workload. While there is no set limit on the number of requests, the turnaround time and how many tasks can be actively worked on at once will depend on your chosen plan's scope.

What kind of support can I expect with my membership?

Each of our memberships comes with a dedicated support system tailored to your needs. You'll have access to a team that understands your brand's vision and goals, ready to assist with any queries you may have. From strategizing to executing tasks, our support goes beyond mere answers — we are your partners in e-commerce success.